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Instead of spending all day in the classroom, you can now take an online course by the American Heart Association & then come to our classroom for the skills testing with a VAM (voice assisted manikin). During these Covid and Omicron times, many medical and healthcare professionals prefer taking these online courses with the skills testing. An instructor will not be present, since the manikin and computer will guide you through the skills. Initial and renewing students can take these American Heart Association courses.

  • Receive same certification as you would an in person class

  • RQI is an experienced based training for new or renewals, the more you know the quicker you can complete the online course and in person skill session.

  • RQI is consider essential preliminary training for all healthcare professional occupations.

  • Hospitals will now require RQI training.

  • RQI is private 1 on 1 (Covid Friendly) and is completed with a (VAM) voice activated manikin 


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